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5 Tips For Your Car This Winter

Blog / tips for your car this winter

According to the RAC “Motorists are 50% more likely to breakdown at home in winter”, so we thought we’d give you some tips to keep your wheels moving and keep you safe during the next few chilly months.

  1. Check your oil

    We know this is not ground breaking information but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. This is a good way to make sure that your car is running efficiently. So top it up or get an oil change to help you stay mobile in the winter.

  2. Check your tyres

    The only thing that connects your car to the road are your tyres and with the wonderfully rainy British winter, you can guarantee the road is going to be wet and slippery. The AA recommend “at least 3mm of tread for winter”, you can read their winter preparations here. They will tell you all about batteries, antifreeze, visibility and much more. The more prepared you are the better and the AA also have a useful to do list before you set off on a journey.

  3. Top up your washer fluid

    The weather’s not great, the driving conditions aren’t either so make sure your visibly is the best it can be. Screen wash has a lower freezing temperature than water, so you shouldn’t struggle with frozen jets if you use it properly. Money Super Market have lots of information about things you can do to prevent getting in trouble with the police and how you can keep you and those around you safe. You can read more here. Did you know that you need to keep your license plate and lights visible? Important stuff, make sure you know it.

  4. Check your battery

    There’s nothing worse than getting into your car in the winter, trying to get the key into the ignition while shivering from the cold only to hear the groan of a car with a flat battery. Auto Express have written an article full of useful information, they even tell you how to jump-start a car but if you want to read the whole article here it is.

  5. Get an emergency kit

    It’s better to have it and not need it, than not have it and need it, isn’t it? Lots of different car manufacturers recommend getting a blanket, some bottled water, a first aid kit and a torch. Our favourite list of things to pack come from CarBuyer.co.uk, Confused.com even recommend keeping a cheap mobile phone in the boot. AutoExpress.co.uk have an extensive list too.

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