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Is A Short Term Loan Right For Me?

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Short Term Loans can be a quick and helpful way to get by in times of need. Should you find yourself needing a little extra cash because of a sudden expense, such as a broken down boiler or due to urgent car repairs, a quick Short Term Loan could be the right solution. However, they may not always be the right solution when managing your finances.

We inform all customers to consider whether a short term loan is the right type of borrowing, for your needs. We ask all customers to remember that this type of loan should only be used for short term financial needs. Although this product may be a convenient solution, it is unsuitable for sustained borrowing over long periods of time. It would also be an expensive means of longer term borrowing.

Ask yourself

  • Do I need to spend the money?
  • Do I have other ways of financing the purchase?
  • Can I afford to pay back the money I am planning to borrow?
  • Could I wait until I can afford to buy the item without borrowing?

Before applying with us, take a look at our repayment calculator on our Home Page to confirm the amount you would repay should you choose to take out a loan. If you are confident you can make the repayments within the agreed time period and have considered the questions above, then one of our loans may be the right choice. If for any reason you feel that you may struggle with the repayments, then we would recommend looking at alternatives solutions.

What if I take Short Term loans out regularly?

Should you find yourself taking out short term or payday loans on a regular basis, then it is likely our loans may not be the best way for you to borrow. If you need to borrow money for a longer period of time you might want to consider longer term alternatives such as an unsecured personal loan.

As a responsible lender, we advise anyone who may have concerns regarding their finances to seek advice from The Money Advice Service. They provide free and impartial advice to help clear your debts and manage your money. Their details can be found at www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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