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Hearty Winter Warmers On A Budget

Blog / hearty winter warmers on a budget

As the nights are starting to creep into our working day, all we are thinking here at Pogo HQ is that we’re looking forward to all the comfort food that comes along with this time of year. We wanted to share with everyone some of our favourites to help keep your wallet (and belly) full! We’d love to know your favourite hearty go-to food for the autumn and winter, feel free to post on our Facebook wall.


As Liverpool is our home city, our first recipe on the list is Scouse. Now, everyone’s mum cooks it differently and it’s a very old recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally Scouse was popular in Seaports in the North of Europe. We’ve found a very famous Scouser and his recipe - Introducing… Paul O’Grady (or Lily Savage’s) Scouse.

Cottage Pie

According to Net Mums, Cottage Pie is “a recipe for all the family” and we couldn’t agree more! Lots of veggies and roasting hot! You can find their recipe here. Alternatively, the BBC’s Good Food have a vegetarian option with sweet potato mash! Yummy! Best thing about this is you can freeze it and reheat another time!

Jacket Potatoes

Now, you really can’t beat a good jacket spud! The list of options to put inside are endless... from Baked Beans to well, cottage pie! Piping hot and great for lunch or dinner! BuzzFeed have a whole blog (with images – be warned if you’re already hungry!) packed with great ideas.


Lasagne is great for the winter! You can make it in bulk and then freeze whatever you don’t use, until you need it. Very cost effective! Jamie Oliver also had a great idea for replacing some of the mince with lentils to help you save some extra money, his receipt is here. Again, if you want the vegetarian option Allrecipes.com have a great replacement for meat with ricotta cheese.

Don’t forget to let us know your favourite winter warmers…