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Frightfully Good Halloween Saving Tips

Blog / Halloween saving tips

The Halloween season is upon us and we’re ready to have a lot fun! There’s nothing quite like getting in the swing of things and having fun, dressed as your favourite villain with friends. So we wanted to share some of our favourite ways to save you extra money and still have a Boo-tiful time!


Having a really good costume is easy when you put a little imagination into it. You can look through second-hand shops for clothes that will tie in with the festivities, but just remember there are lots of costumes that your friends may have used before that you can use. Get a little face-painting on the go and voila! You’re ready! You could always make your own costume, being a scarecrow is as simple as jeans and shirt, just get some straw to pad you out! Better yet, get some old tights (or “borrow” some old tights) and glue on some creepy crawlies. Then again, you might want to wear something a little more formal, so go on put on your best clothes and revert to our previous comment and use face paints!

There are a lot of ideas out there for children too! Why not use a yellow t-shirt and some dungarees and you have got yourself you own minion! (We do not guarantee minions will aid you in conquering the world, not even on Halloween) or if you’re not feeling like having minions, those dungarees can come in handy if you want to dress your child like Super Mario! Check out Parenting.com for more inspiration and how to make a variety of different costumes.


Are you the lucky person hosting a party this year? Another great thing about second-hand shops is that they also stock Halloween theme goodies to use as decorations to make your home spooky! If you want to make your own, get some empty toilet rolls, cut open two holes (for eyes) and throw a glow stick in there and hide them in the garden. Don’t forget the old throw some white sheets around for a ghostly effect or bin bag liners ripped up will add some extra spook to your party. Why not use an old baked beans tin as a tea light holder? Pop a few holes in the side and you’ve got a DIY decoration that’s pretty spooky (wash the beans out first!!) Want to look creepy from the outside? Why not cut up some cardboard and make silhouettes to go on your windows? You could make bats, ghosts or if you have enough cardboard a witch! Or why not leave some bloody hand prints around, FeltMagnet can show you how.


Next you need to arrange the sacrifices… I mean food. Food.

If you’re staying in, you’ll get trick-or-treaters – remember not to overestimate the number of people who will knock at your door, so don’t spend too much money on sweets that will end up being Fridays nights movie in nibbles. If you run out you can always switch off the lights, pretend you’re not in and watch scary movies!

If you’re hosting a party, or going to one, spooky food at Halloween is lots of fun and you can be really creative even if you’re on a budget. The BBC’s good food guide has lots of ideas here. (Our favourite are the frozen banana ghosts!) The Cooking Channel have a “Brain Cocktail” (adults only) which will get your guests in the mood. If you want to go more traditionally, get yourself some toffee apples. And how could you have Halloween fun, without a game of Bobbing for Apples!

Witching you all a Happy Halloween, from the Pogo Team