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Festive Season Tips

Blog / festive season tips

Have you started shopping yet? If the answer is yes, did you budget? The key to budgeting is to set realistic targets. Remember there are still bills that need to be paid, food that needs to be bought and anything else that could come up. The Money Advice Service have a handy calculator to help you plan effectively, check it out here.

While using a budget calculator is a great tool to curb your spending, are you keeping a track of it? But where do you start finding the right tracker for you? Luckily enough, the good people at Money Aware have come up with a list of 5 apps they’ve tested – so you don’t have to! You can see their findings here.

Don’t forget about the wonderful people working for you at Money Saving Expert. They have written a very insightful article on Supermarket Shopping Tips. This list has a full 33 different ways to make the most of your supermarket shop. Check out the Downshift Challenge on YouTube, Martin Lewis talks about the different levels of brand available to purchase, and how a small change in your buying habits can result in big savings! It’s well worth a watch.

If you have any post to send over the festive period Royal Mail have published their 2016 dates, so you can make sure that you post will arrive on time. (If you’re sending letters with a 1st class stamp it costs 64p, with a 2nd class stamp it costs 55p.)

Do you need to buy that right now? If the answer is no, why not wait until January and go shopping in the sales? Even it if can’t wait, just think of the money you’ll save switching off the lights at home and pretending you’re not in? (That’s a joke and not socially acceptable, we take no responsibility if you’re friends know you are in the house.)

Anything we’ve missed? We’d love to know your best tips for the Festive Season, preparation is key so the sooner the better!